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If you are a 10TH REACH registered customer and would like to request a copy of your applications and contracts please complete and submit this form (please note; customers must be approved applicants). If you are a registered customer under 18 years of age, your guardian(s) must request on your behalf.

The request for registered applications and contracts contain highly sensitive, protected and confidential information, please complete the information below (please note, the information provided must match the information we have in our data, if you are having difficulty please contact us via here). For the prevention of data breach you will be contacted by our data security team inĀ liaison with our legal team regarding the next secure steps to confirm you are an authorised requester or registered customer, the customer registered in our data will be notified of the request, if there are any suspicious activities or failure of completing our security protocols or at the owner’s request they do not wish for you to access their data, your request would be declined and necessary steps will be taken to block further requests.

To confirm you are the legitimate client requesting the archive, please provide your unique customer Identification number.

Confirm your identity.

Please upload your official government passport photo ID or driving license, when uploading your passport ID, please also show the number along the bottom of the ID.
Please upload an up to date image of yourself.
By choosing "I agree" and submitting your request form you agree to 10TH REACH that the information provided is true and any false information is in violation of your reqest if approved for process of a contractual copy release. You also understand and agree our privacy policy regarding 10TH REACH's handling of data, you understand and agree that you are the owner or authorised to act on behalf of the owner of the requested applications and contracts archive, you agree that you are 18 years old of age and above or a parent(s), competent adult/ age of majority consenting on behalf of a minor & understand the process that will be provided for you to complete . To cancel the request form simply refresh this page/ navigate to another page or close the tab/ browser.

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